Referral List

The Office of Disability Services does not endorse any particular testing service. However, we offer the following list of resources that provide educational testing. If it is determined that a George Mason University student has a learning disability, he or she should then contact the Office of Disability Services to begin the registration process with the office.



GMU Psychological Clinic

Phone: 703-993-1370

10340 Democracy Lane, Suite 202                                              Fax: 703-352-0035

Fairfax, VA 22030                                                                      Website:


The Psychological Clinic provides psychological and educational testing necessary for documenting LD and/or AD/HD. Costs are determined on a sliding scale based upon either the parents’ (dependent students) or the student’s income. There is generally a waiting list and the clients may wait four months to schedule their assessment.



The Women’s Center                                                   Phone: 703-281-2657

133 Park Street, NE                                                       Fax: 703-242-1454

Vienna VA 22180                                                           Website:

Contact: Main Number


The Women’s Center located in Vienna, VA provides evaluations for documenting learning disabilities. Fees for the evaluation are determined on a sliding scale (variable costs for services on one’s ability to pay.)



Dr. David Hebda                                                          Phone: 703-587-8312

9625 Surveyor Ct

Monroe Building, Suite 210

Manassas VA 20110


Provides psychoeducational evaluations for individuals with learning disabilities and neuropsychological evaluations for cognitive deficits, such as attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, stroke, etc., Often, insurances will cover neuropsychological evaluations, but not psychoeducational evaluations. Dr. Hebda is a provider for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees Program. If an individual has to pay out of pocket, the fees for both a neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation will come to $1535 (price subject to change, call for current rates). He will offer a 10% discount if told that a person is referred by GMU’s Office of Disability Services.




Educational Consulting Services                                     Phone: 703-519-7181

100 West Howell Avenue                                                   Fax: 703-519-4737

Alexandria, VA 22031                                                        Website:

Contact: Ruth C. Heitin, Ph. D.


Please call for more information.



Commonwealth Psychological Associates                           Phone: 703-734-0787

1479 Chain Bridge Road                                              Fax: 703-734-2735

McLean, VA 22101                                                                Website:

Contact: Anita Auerback, Ph.D. or Edythe Wiggs, Ph.D.


They provide a variety of testing for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The type of testing is determined in the initial consultation. Costs vary according to test. If only a few tests are needed, costs can range from $300-800; however, a comprehensive evaluation including 10-20 separate tests costs $2,200. There is no waiting list.



Potomac Center, Inc.                                                       Phone: 703-379-7350

5276 Dawes Ave.                                                               Fax: 703-379-7352

Alexandria, VA 22311


The Potomac Center provides psychological assessment for the purposes of diagnosing learning disabilities and attention deficits. They also offer assessments to identify brain injury or impairment. Call for fees.



Associated Clinical Services                                    Phone: 703-569-8731

8348 Traford Lane, Suite 102                                        Fax: 703-569-7248

Springfield, VA 22152

Contact: Dr. Edwin Carter, Clinical Psychologist


ACS is a cooperative of school psychologists offering diagnostic services for all ages to help address educational, behavioral, and emotional concerns. Please call for more information.