Testing Center


Students should submit a Test Proctoring Form (PDF) for each test, quiz, or exam to be taken in the Disability Services Testing Center.  The Test Proctoring Form provides essential information for Disability Services staff to be able to appropriately proctor tests, quizzes, or exams.  Submitting a completed Test Proctoring Form prior to the scheduled test, quiz, or exam contributes to ensuring full access to approved accommodations.

Completed forms can be submitted to the Disability Services Testing Center in person (Student Union Building 1, Room 3313) or via email (dstests@gmu.edu).  When completing this form electronically, please be sure to “Save as a PDF” when using a PC or “Export to PDF” when using a Mac.  Students and professors need to complete their respective sections on the Test Proctoring Form.  While professors are welcome to turn the forms in on behalf of students, ensuring that the form is submitted is the responsibility of the student.

Students are responsible for following the Disability Services Testing Center Policies and Procedures.  Contact 703.993.1708 or dstests@gmu.edu with any additional questions or concerns.


The Disability Services Testing Center is located in SUB1, Room 3313.

Fall/Spring Testing Center hours: M-F 9am-4:45pm.

*Tuesday evening testing hours until 8:45pm.

Summer Testing Center hours: M-F 9am-4:45pm.

*Tuesday evening testing hours until 8:45pm are available when scheduled prior to the day of the test.

During the university scheduled fall and spring final exam periods, the Disability Services Testing Center will be open extended hours.  Students registered with Disability Services will be notified via email and updated signage in and around the Testing Center.  Students are also encouraged to review the Final Exam Schedule posted on the Registrar’s website.