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Stillhouse Press Disabled Writers Anthology

Launched in January 2014, Stillhouse Press is an independent, student and alumni-led book publisher based in Northern Virginia. Developed as a counterpart to George Mason University’s MFA and BFA Programs, we endeavor to give students the opportunity learn about the publishing industry through applied experience.

Writing From and About Disability

Reading Period: December 1st, 2020 – May 31st, 2021
Fee: $5 per submission

Stillhouse Press seeks contributions to our first-ever anthology, a collection of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction that will highlight and amplify the work of writers living with invisible, visible, and/or stigmatized disabilities.

We will give first preference to unpublished writing, but we will also consider reprinting writing that has not yet been disseminated on a large scale. Novel and memoir excerpts are welcome.

Check our their website here for full details.

Courses Offered at GMU Relating to Disability

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Undergraduate Courses

EDAT 410: Introduction to Assistive Technology. 3 credits.

EDAT 421: Augmentative Communication. 3 credits.

EDAT 422: Assistive Technology for Individuals with Sensory Impairments. 3 credits.

EDAT 423: Accessibility and Input Modifications. 3 credits.

EDSE 201: Introduction to Special Education. 3 credits.

EDSE 203: Disability in American Culture. 3 credits.

EDSE 204: Disability in a Global Society. 3 credits.

EDSE 311: Characteristics of Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments. 3 credits.

EDSE 410: Deaf History. 3 credits.

EDSE 412: Braille Code. 3 credits.

EDSE 413: Medical and Educational Implications of Blindness and Visual Impairments. 3 credits.

EDSE 414: Orientation and Mobility for Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments. 2 credits.

EDSE 419: Braille Reading and Writing. 3 credits.

EDSE 420: Deaf Culture. 3 credits.

EDSE 452: Intersectionality and Disability. 3 credits.

EDSE 469: Individualized Supports and Specialized Care of Students with Severe Disabilities. 3 credits.

EDSE 484: Internship: Blindness and Visual Impairments. 12 credits.

NUTR 423: Nutrition and Chronic Illnesses. 3 credits.

NUTR 466: Nutrition and Weight Management: Obesity, Anorexia, and Bulimia. 3 credits.


Graduate Courses & Certificate Classes

ECED 511: Assessment of Diverse Young Learners. 3 credits.

ECED 515: Mathematics for Diverse Young Learners. 3 credits.

ECED 516: Science for Diverse Young Learners. 3 credits.

EDAT 510: Introduction to Assistive Technology. 3 credits.

EDAT 521: Augmentative Communication. 3 credits.

EDAT 522: Assistive Technology for Individuals with Sensory Impairments. 3 credits.

EDAT 523: Accessibility and Input Modifications. 3 credits.

EDAT 524: Universal Design for Learning. 3 credits.

EDAT 527: Assistive Technology for Independent Living and Employment. 3 credits.

EDAT 610: Designing Adapted Environments. 3 credits.

EDSE 501: Introduction to Special Education. 3 credits.

EDSE 557: Foundations of Language and Literacy for Diverse Learners. 3 credits.

EDSE 562: Foundations of Reading Instruction for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities. 3 credits.

EDSE 564: Phonology, Phonics, and Fluency for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities. 3 credits.

EDSE 620: Supporting the Behavior and Sensory Needs of Individuals with Autism. 3 credits.

EDSE 634: Characteristics of Individuals with Autism. 3 credits.

EDSE 636: Supporting Communication and Literacy for Individuals with Autism. 3 credits.

EDSE 637: Autism Across the Lifespan: Collaboration with Critical Partners. 3 credits.

*The above lists are by no means a complete list of the course offerings related to disability offered at GMU*