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FAQs for Faculty and Staff

If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact us at or 703.993.2474. We are here to assist you. 

The Resources Page has guides and other helpful information for instructors to best support students. Professors can also reach out to our office, or the specialist on the student’s Academic Accommodation Letter directly for specific questions. We are here to support you.

Yes, in order to receive accommodations from DS, students must be registered with the office. Registration information can be located under The Process as well as supporting forms.

The Process walks students through the process of registration with Disability Services.

After all forms and documentation are submitted, the documentation must be reviewed by a specialist.  Once reviewed, a specialist will be in contact with the student to schedule an initial meeting.

Professors should contact the specialist that signed the Academic Accommodation Letter for the student. Specialist’s email addresses can be found here, or you may call our office at (703) 993-2474.

Students registered with DS will be provided with Academic Accommodation Letters to provide to professors in order to ‘activate’ accommodations. Each semester, students who are registered with DS need to request and distribute their Academic Accommodation Letters.

Once a student meets and establishes accommodations with a specialist, accommodations will be applicable moving forward from the time Faculty Contact Sheets are provided to professors. Accommodations are not applicable prior to the initial meeting.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule exams with the Testing Center and turn in a completed Test Proctoring Form. Professors may contact students to inquire if the student plans to access testing accommodations.

It’s a student’s responsibility to ensure completed Test Proctoring Forms are submitted at least 48 business hours in advance of an exam. The Testing Center will not be able to accommodate same day requests for tests/quizzes.

DS adheres to the ‘exam start time’ listed on the Test Proctoring Form. Students may begin their scheduled exams 15 minutes early and no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. If a student is late for an exam, they will be sent to speak with their professor about a reschedule.

All accommodations and documentation must go through DS. When a student discloses a disability, refer them to DS to complete the registration process and await Academic Accommodation Letters from them with approved accommodations.

Professors should only follow accommodations as listed on the student’s Faculty Contact Sheet. Should the request be outside of the approved accommodations, refer the student to DS.

If a professor suspects a student may benefit from our services, walk them through campus support services. Be cautious to not make assumptions or diagnose students and include the DS statement in your course syllabi.

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