Faculty Guidance

Faculty and Staff at George Mason University have the following responsibilities:

  •  Protect Student Confidentiality. Students have the right to privacy and are not expected to disclose their disability to anyone outside of Disability Services. A student’s diagnosis is not included on the Faculty Contact Sheet (accommodation letter). The information on the Faculty Contact Sheet is confidential and should not be shared with anyone. However, in some cases it would be appropriate to share the Faculty Contact sheet with TAs/GA’s whose responsibilities include providing oversight or implementation of the approved accommodations.
  •  Provide information to all students about the accommodations procedure in all course syllabi.
  • Refer students who have disclosed having a disability and a need for accommodations to Disability Services.
  • Provide accessible technology to his/her course (e.g., captioned video for deaf/hard of hearing students, web accessibility, accessible course materials). Please contact Disability Services or Assistive Technology Initiative for additional resources and assistance.
  • Provide the accommodations on the Faculty Contact Sheet (Accommodation Letter) that the students or Disability Services provides to you. Should you have any questions regarding the approved accommodations you will call Disability Services immediately to discuss your concern.
  • Review the Faculty Guide for additional responsibilities and guidance 

Disability Services has created the following resources for faculty to support teaching students with disabilities. Please contact us at either ods@gmu.edu or 703.993.2474 if you would like to speak with a staff member.

Faculty Guide

Our Faculty Guide (PDF) details disability education, strategies for teaching students with disabilities, and FAQs about our office.

Faculty Accessibility Guide

Review our Faculty Accessibility Guide (PDF) to help in the accessible development of your course.

Accommodations in a Virtual Environment

Learn about implementing Accommodations in a Virtual Environment (PDF) and overall accessibility tips for virtual course design.