Disability Services(DS) collaborates with students with documented disabilities and faculty to provide reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and support services that are individualized and based upon documentation and a person to person interview and assessment of needs. In order to receive accommodations students complete the following process:

  1. Submit an Intake Form
  2. Submit Documentation of Disability
  3. Participate in an Initial Intake Interview.
  4. Accommodations are established during an interview after a student has registered for classes. Accommodations are initiated through accommodation letters and are not retroactive.
  5. Student’s Responsibilities begin. It is the student’s responsibility to request and distribute accommodation letters to instructors. Students are also responsible for communicating with Disability Services staff any continuing needs. Appointments can be made to update accommodations at any time.
  6. Should a concern arise Disability Services is able to guide students to the Grievance Procedures.