Intake and Accommodations

Online Intake Form

Intake Form (PDF Version) — can be completed and returned via email (, fax (703.993.4306), or mail.

        Process and Documentation Guidelines

Disability Determination Form (PDF) – Disability Services created this form in an effort to make the process of securing documentation from healthcare providers more efficient.  The form includes guiding questions about a disability and its impact on functional limitations.  This form is not required if you have other documentation consistent with Eligibility for Services.  Contact our office with any questions about documentation.

Special Housing Accommodation Request Form(PDF)

George Mason University Procedure for Requesting ESA in University Housing and Regulations Governing ESAs (PDF)

ESA Request Form(PDF)

Students Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)

Interpreting Services Request

Disability Services Testing Center

Test Proctoring Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Test Proctoring Form (PDF) *Updated January 2020

Policies and Procedures

Extended Time for Exams Accommodation (PDF)

Note-Taking Policies and Procedures  (PDF)