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Mission & Vision

George Mason University is committed to non-discrimination of students with disabilities and strives to ensure that they have equitable access to higher education, programs, activities, and services in order to participate fully in the university. As a continuing commitment to upholding the letter and spirit of the laws, such as the ADA and Section 504, that ensure equal treatment and equal access for people with disabilities, the university established and maintains Disability Services.


Disability Services will work to foster a university where programs, services, and environments are inclusive, welcoming, and proactively accessible to all.

We will do this by:

Promoting Equitable Access

for disabled students in all aspects of the university experience

Fostering Partnerships

with students, faculty, staff, and community members

Celebrating Disability

as diversity and promoting disability culture on campus


As part of University Life’s commitment to recognizing and honoring the richness of diversity at George Mason University, Disability Services staff members actively seek opportunities to participate in the campus-wide diversity dialogue and ensure that disability identity is recognized, valued, and incorporated into discussions, activities, and design . Disability Services welcomes and encourages all students and community members with disabilities, affiliated with Disability Services or not, to identify themselves as members of the disability community and to engage in the diversity dialogue on campus.