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Student FAQs

Contact us at or 703.993.2474 if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are here to support you.


Academic Accommodations and Registration

At the college level disability accommodations are working to ensure access. Accommodations will not alter workload or contradict course objectives. 

High School



  • IDEA
  • Sections 504
  • ADA (1990)
  • ADA Amendment Act (2008)
  • Sections 504
  • Fair Housing Act


  • School provided evaluation(s)
  • IEP (Individualized Education Program)/504 Plan
  • Student provides evaluation(s)
  • IEP/504 Plan may not be only documentation needed


  • Receive updates on performance
  • Have access to grades and other reports
  • Advocate on behalf of child/student
  • Updates on performance provided by the student
  • Access to grades or other reports provided by the student
  • Student/child should be self-advocating and parent/guardian can provide support


  • The school identifies students with disabilities
  • Parents identify their child/student with a disability
  • Students will need to self-identify with Disability Services and take responsibility for their accommodations
  • Self-advocate and communicate their needs

School Support Services:

  • School is responsible for identifying students
  • Supplies services and arranges accommodations
  • School provides services to students who self-identify after a review of documentation and an initial meeting through an interactive process with a Disability Services specialist


  • The teacher ensures that students have the correct accommodations
  • Students must provide Faculty Contact Sheet (accommodation letter) to professors each semester. Letters can be obtained after accommodations are established
  • Students must inform professors when/how they will use their approved accommodations

No. When students move to higher education or to a different institution, they will need to go through the interactive process with Disability Services to establish accommodations at George Mason University.

While these forms of documentation are useful as supplemental documents, students may also be asked to submit documentation from health care providers that support reasonable accommodations based on functional limitations. IEP and 504 plans may still be submitted along with appropriate documentation. ‘Process and Documentation Guidelines‘ can offer further details on the appropriateness of the documentation

Students may call the main office at 703.993.2474 or email to schedule an appointment with their Specialist.  Students may also email their Specialist directly to contact them as quickly as possible for brief questions or concerns.

Once a student meets and establishes accommodations with a Specialist, accommodations will be applicable moving forward from the time Faculty Contact Sheets are provided to professors. Accommodations are unable to be applied to issues prior to the initial meeting. Note that accommodations for students in the Law School are distributed differently – contact your Specialist with questions or concerns.

If accommodations are established, students will be provided with Faculty Contact Sheets (accommodation letters) to provide to professors in order to ‘activate’ accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to distribute Faculty Contact Sheets to professors. Each semester, students who are already registered with Disability Services should request their Faculty Contact Sheets using the Faculty Contact Sheet Request link.


After all forms and documentation are submitted, the documentation must be reviewed by a Specialist.  Once reviewed, a Specialist will be in contact with the student to schedule an initial meeting.

The Process walks students through the process of registration with Disability Services.

Disability Services Specialists offer 30-minute informational meetings with students to meet and discuss typical accommodations and supports that are offered at Mason. Students interested in a meeting may call 703.993.2474. General questions can be emailed to

If disability-related limitations have not changed, once a student is fully registered with our office and has established accommodations, the student will remain registered as long as they are at Mason. To make any changes to accommodations, students may schedule an appointment with a Disability Services specialist.

Yes, in order to receive accommodations from Disability Services, students must be registered with the office. Registration information can be located under The Process as well as supporting forms.

Testing Center

In order to receive accommodations for the Math Placement Test, students must register with Disability Services.  Explore the Getting Started dropdown menu for information about the intake form and appropriate documentation.

A student can begin no more than 15 minutes before the start time listed on the testing form. If a student arrives 15 minutes after the scheduled start time listed on the testing form they will be sent back to their professor for a reschedule. 15 minutes is considered a “no show” as referenced on the Testing Policies and Procedures.

To ensure access to a proctoring space, completed Test Proctoring Forms should be submitted at least 48 business hours in advance of the exam, and 24 business hours for pop quizzes. The Testing Center will not be able to accommodate same day requests for tests/quizzes.

Tests can be confirmed by sending an email to with your name, G#, and date & time the exam was scheduled for on the form.

Yes, our Testing Center adjusts our hours to reflect the university’s final exam schedule. Students are encouraged to review the Final Exam Schedule on the Registrar’s website.

Forms can be emailed to or dropped off at the Testing Center in SUB 1 Rm 3313. If the form is dropped off after operating hours, forms can be placed into the blue mailbox outside of the office.

Testing Forms should be completed with the professor. The student and the professor should coordinate a time and date for taking tests that is within the operating hours of the Testing Center. Both the student and professor should sign the form (can be done electronically) as well as complete their own sections on the form.