What is the difference between high school accommodations and college/university accommodations?

High School



  • IDEA
  • Sections 504
  • ADA (1990)
  • ADA Amendment Act (2008)
  • Sections 504
  • Fair Housing Act


  • School provided evaluation(s)
  • IEP (Individualized Education Program)/504 Plan
  • Student provides evaluation(s)
  • IEP/504 Plan may not be only documentation needed


  • Receive updates on performance
  • Have access to grades and other reports
  • Advocate on behalf of child/student
  • Updates on performance provided by the student
  • Access to grades or other reports provided by the student
  • Student/child should be self-advocating and parent/guardian can provide support


  • The school identifies students with disabilities
  • Parents identify their child/student with a disability
  • Students will need to self-identify with Disability Services and take responsibility for their accommodations
  • Self-advocate and communicate their needs

School Support Services:

  • School is responsible for identifying students
  • Supplies services and arranges accommodations
  • School provides services to students who self-identify after a review of documentation and an initial meeting through an interactive process with a Disability Services specialist


  • The teacher ensures that students have the correct accommodations
  • Students must provide Faculty Contact Sheet (accommodation letter) to professors each semester. Letters can be obtained after accommodations are established
  • Students must inform professors when/how they will use their approved accommodations